I heart FriesA brand created by entrepreneurs who, aware of the lack of originality in the dishes offered by other establishments, decided to create a new concept that would break with the current paradigms of fast food brands. 

With their innovation they have attracted the attention of the general public that looks for rich food from the international table, adding more flavor and originality to this concept that highlights and rescues the delicious flavor of fried food.

Our Market

We have a varied menu, our food and dishes are dedicated to all types of palates, regardless of age or culinary preferences as we can even customize the most creative request of our customers; something that gives us a wide advantage over other establishments. 

We always seek to satisfy the customer’s palate and that makes us unique, that’s why everyone asks for the dishes and flavors of I Heart Fries. 

Commercial Vision

Our brand is very focused on providing the best food service, with a varied menu with delicious, healthy and delicious dishes. 

Rescuing that special preparation, with high quality standards and attention that allows you to explore the different ways to enjoy a delicious meal made with passion with specially selected food of the best quality for our customers. 

Because fried is delicious and I Heart Fries makes it better.

Investment model (info for business partners)

I Heart Fried is in full commercial expansion. 

We are working hard to become a U.S. food and restaurant franchise.

Do you want to invest in a branch with a very high financial turnover, such as food and beverages? 

Our gastronomic proposal goes through the well-known dishes of international fast food, all accompanied by the much desired and delicious french fries.

Entering this business model of chain restaurants and customer service makes the investment return almost immediately.  

Food and services are a target that all the target public consumes regardless of economic or social position. 

The international fast food proposal positions it immediately to everyone’s taste.

The whole creative process that links the service and food process is meticulously taken care of with a broad concept and a catchy name. 

And we put in an extra for the chain where fried flavors are very rich and I Heart Fries does it better.    

The kitchen processes, care and proper handling of the food also guarantee to have a final product of excellent quality that well marketed with a high impact graphic package, will keep the customer’s attention or awaken the craving to satisfy the hunger for the food displayed.

The customer’s preference is made with special attention, proper presentation of the dish and the pleasant atmosphere in the comfort establishment, also some advertising add-ons that are useful. 

Such as reusable cups coolers among others.

In this process the proper selection of staff that meets the line of personal presentation or appearance, also the verbal and gestural expression in a friendly, respectful and courteous manner is key to the positioning and brand preference.

Investing with us is a rich adventure and prosperous business with interesting and fast income.